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“CarVi is my own personal driving team each time I drive. My family is safer than ever with leading edge
driver assist technology, and now I am never distracted by screaming kids, pouring rain, running late or
traffic delays. CarVi is real!”

The Virtual CarVi Team


A Co-Pilot
CarVi monitors driving conditions in real time and warns you of potential hazards such as front end collision danger or inappropriate lane changes.

A Trusty Monitor
When CarVi is on duty, it keeps track of your driving habits, both the good ones and the not-so good ones.


A Coach
With the data it collects, CarVi gives you suggestions on how to improve your driving skills, from lane changing to comfortable starts and stops.

A Patient Teacher
CarVi helps you track
your driving skill
improvement over time
so you can gain better
habits and see your


A Real Cheerleader
You’ll feel great when CarVi shows you how you’ve improved. When you’re a better driver, your family members are safer passengers. Even more reasons to cheer!


What Does CarVi Monitor?

When CarVi is on duty, it’s watching for some of the key factors that can contribute to accidents and checking for ways to help your passengers feel comfortable and safe. Whenever a potential danger is imminent, it issues a warning to help you avoid the trouble.


Safe Lane Changes
CarVi adds an extra set of “eyes” to your driving, monitoring your position in the lane and the location of the car ahead.


Front End Collision Danger
CarVi monitors your distance from the driver in front of you. Not only will it warn you if you come too close, but it will also help you practice maintaining a safe distance if you’re prone to tailgating.


Reckless Driving and Hard Braking
There’s nothing like a smooth ride, for you and your passengers. CarVi learns your driving patterns and helps you adjust.


Jackrabbit Starts
You may not even notice certain driving habits once you get used to them. When it comes to zooming away from a start too quickly, though, you can be sure your passengers – and other drivers – take note. CarVi helps you learn to give your car just enough gas to efficiently ease into the flow of traffic.

The Heart of CarVi

CarVi brings you state-of-the-art driver assist features normally available only on high-end vehicles. CarVi’s creators made this technology affordable and easy to install.

CarVi uses vision based safety features to gather data, using both your smart phone and a single lens camera which you install inside your car. The camera captures video which CarVi then analyzes in real time. If it senses potential trouble, it issues audible and visual warnings.


  • Lane position
  • Distance to the car in front
  • Smooth acceleration and braking



  • CarVi doesn’t stop working when you turn off your engine. The smart phone interface displays your driving data, providing your driving “SKOR” for the day, and showing you the areas where you did well, and where you might improve.